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How to generate passive income through Bitcoin Mining

Let mij define passive income te elementary words. It is the income that you can generate without actively participating ter the generation of value like delivering services or products te exchange of money. Passive income should be a stable stream of income that should come without doing any work actively.

I am going to tell you about Bitcoin Mining and AltCoin Mining that is the talk of town right now.

Bitcoin and Altcoins are cryptocurrencies that are spil good spil money. They can be exchanged for real money. Cryptocurrencies are generally created through a process called mining (faucets and air druppel are other methods). Mining is a constant and stable way of generating passive income spil you don’t have to do work, your rekentuig will do it for you.

Now days, mining is more professional and difficult because there are so many people doing it. That has shoved the difficulty and competition and that is why you can’t mine through your own computers. You will need a specialized set of computers called ASICs (For Bitcoin — SHA 256 Algo) and Mining Equipments (for AltCoins like Ethereum).

Setting up your own hardware is a raunchy task and would require active monitoring. Therefore, Cloud mining is the best way to do it. Because of the viability and profits, so many scammers have entered into cloud mining industry, so don’t be fooled and don’t be greedy.

The one and only company that is legitimate is Genesis-Mining. It is co-founded by Marco Streng. Do your own research and then invest te the following way:

  1. Buy 100 MH/S of Ethereum — Hashimoto Hash Power (Etash)
  2. Buy 20 TH/S of Bitcoin — SHA 256 Hash Power

I am a Diamond Customer, therefore you will get 3% Discount &, 2% extra hash power for using this promo code: IRxzD7

You will get payouts every day te your Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallets for Lifetime (Two years te case of Ethereum).

Don’t sell of your Ethers and Bitcoins, keep safe ter your wallet spil it is going to rise by 1000% vanaf year (you may do your own research and check the price history and trends).

They accept payments through Credit Card and Bitcoins. Please get yourself a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet before you register.

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