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Leave behind bitcoin, here are four shares that have risen more than 1, 000% this year

Lesser-known companies trading on stock exchanges te Japan, Hong Kong and India have seen their share prices soar at least tenfold

  • Adam Haigh, Brandon Kochkodin
  • Friday 1 December 2017 09:33 GMT

The Independent Online

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Bitcoin is all the rage, but there are also a handful of stocks that have equalled the digital currency’s gravity-defying surge this year.

Lesser-known companies trading on stock exchanges te Japan, Hong Kong and India have seen their share prices soar at least 1,000 vanaf cent, matching the cryptocurrency’s ascent. A screening of global equities shows just four of thesis stocks after excluding those with insufficient trading volume, little capitalsations or from troubled Venezuela.

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The very first is Pepper Food Service, a restaurant chain te Japan known for its steaks and pork cutlets, that’s seen its market value erect to more than $1bn from less than $100m at the commence of this year.

Another is India’s Liguster, which has ridden the boom te graphite electrodes, an essential component of electrified arc furnaces that turn scrap into stengel.

Also ter India, Indiabulls Ventures, a pioneer ter online securities trading that’s building out its consumer lending business, is up 1,162 vanaf cent.

Last but not least is China Investment Fund, which trades ter Hong Kong.

That’s a turnaround story of an investment hard which holds stakes te a gold mine and an wagen parts company te China.

The stock, up the most among the four with a 1,230 vanaf cent climb, wasgoed added to the MSCI Global Petite Cap Index this month.


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