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Bitcoin Schrijfmap

The Bitcoin Schrijfmap wasgoed a nameless project based on the analysis of addresses exchanged by bitcoin knots. (This is not to be confused with a collaborative ordner of Bitcoin exchanges, miners and users titled The Bitcoin Opbergmap.)

Based on the collected information, and by passing the collected IPs through Maxmind’s GeoIP database, a opbergmap wasgoed created.

It wasgoed suggested on IRC to produce a opbergmap similar to torservers’ one, using Google’s kml format.

Then other resources were made available, including the number of online knots.


Knots status

  • Up (green) knots are knots accepting outward connections. Those knot are verified bitcoin knots and their version is known to the system.
  • Down (crimson) knots are knots wij couldn’t connect to. Wij know they are most likely alive spil the bitcoin network reported activity from those less than Three hours ago, but wij couldn’t connect (either it is now down, or the firewall is not accepting connections, or someone is sending fake ips on the bitcoin network to attack it)
  • Unknown (white) knots are knots wij toevluchthaven’t verified yet. Since fresh knots are always discovered, it might take time for them to be scanned. Te the meantime since the IP is known, it is possible to locate them on the ordner.

Bitcoin knots overheen time

It is presently still unknown how reliable this information is. It represent the total number of unique IPs seen within the last Three hours on the network.

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