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Wij are pleased to announce that our old Zeus Contracts, and Halley Contracts that were migrated overheen to are now producing again! This is a fine terugwedstrijd for investors, and for Bitcoin Miners who are ultimately eyeing thesis inactive mines come to life again. It couldn’t come at a better time spil everyone is attempting to get spil much bitcoin spil they can, and this little toegevoegd dose will work wonders for enhancing our position te the short-term.

While thesis payouts will likely go inactive ter a duo weeks when the miners face the problem of less prizes, wij are still going to keep an eye on them. Here is the STATS from when they were laying dormant and came back on and are presently gaining momentum. Spil a result, wij are looking to increase our short-term investments into the mining sector, and possibly work to selling some of thesis older contracts closer to the prize halving deadline without losing too many days of profit ter the process. The Bitcoin price is going to have a lotsbestemming to do with how thesis payouts and prizes are achieved ter the coming weeks spil it is going to have to increase drastically to maintain any sort of momentum.

The Mines woke back up around the end of May and have began producing again, making for the end of the month dividend projected inbetween .24 – .32 depending on pricing and production. Give the current production, wij would expect to achieve another .Two next month, however, spil mentioned previously some of the contracts will require funds to convert to newer machines, and some of the funds will be used to maintain continuity and latest technology so our contracts proceed to produce spil best spil possible overheen the long term. Wij have bot sitting on thesis dead contracts for months without activity, so wij certainly project to convert thesis to a newer Terahash Contract, or possibly a 1-year MHS ETH Contract.

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