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Bitcoin Miner Hosting, ASICSPACE Co

A place for miners.

Are you looking for Bitcoin Miner Hosting? You should sign up now for our premium hosting before all our capacity is sold out! No obligation.

Looking for hosting for Ethereum miners instead?

Our megawatt gegevens center is built from the ground up to meet the specific power and cooling needs of your gear.

Features of our premium turnkey mining service

The abundance of hydroelectricity ter Washington makes our location flawless for providing hosting services.

Wij opoffering both lithe month-to-month contracts, and low-cost long-term contracts, so you can find a project that is tailored to your budget.

It’s our philosophy that you remain utter possessor overheen your miner at all times, and that’s why wij offerande rechtstreeks VLAN remote access to all of our customers no matter their size.

Wij have a redundant network configured for numerous ISPs. Our primary ISP is one of the fastest fiber optic providers ter the nation.

Wij have also developed a web interface where you can monitor your temperatures and hashrates, and switch pool settings on the fly.

Our facility is at a secure location with restricted access, CCTVs, and maneuverability detectors.

Our friendly staff is available for support by email and phone ter the event your miner encounters an kwestie.

Your equipment while it’s with us is insured for its utter value, so you never have to worry if your investment is safe.

Wij’re located ter the good state of Washington, which has a climate ideal for bitcoin miner hosting!

95%+ of our energy is sourced from renewables.

You get utter remote access to your miners internals via a web connection. Wij’ll open a port for you if you want too!

Wij insure your miners for their total replacement value.

ASICSPACE hosts Bitcoin miners at our Washington gegevens center. To learn more, see our FAQ.

Demonstrating all Five results

3-month Bitcoin Miner Hosting

3-month Litecoin Miner Hosting (Scrypter 300MH/s)

3-month Litecoin Miner Hosting (Scrypter 900MH/s)

6-month Bitcoin Miner Hosting

6-month Litecoin Miner Hosting (Scrypter 900MH/s)

Buy Five units of Wise Miner Two.0 SE (10TH/s) or Four units of Scrypter Voor 900MH/s and get a 50% discount .

MinersLab blessed to represent the fresh generation of bitcoin miners.


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