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Solo mining Zcoin Guide

Feeling fortunate? Have enough hash power to do without a pool? Solo mining is a way to maintain total control of your mining and not worry about pool fees or pools withholding amounts. However, it only makes sense to do this if you have a good amount of hashing power otherwise it might take you a long time to see any comebacks. It is therefore only recommended for advanced users and people with a lotsbestemming of hashing power.

Solomining Zcoin is very similar to any Bitcoin-based coins. Here are some rough instructions and wij assume familiarity with CLI calls.

Daemon requirements

Zcoin daemon for mining requires good CPU and RAM spil well, recommend are at least Two cores and 4-8GB RAM.

Create zcoin.conf ter the zcoin gegevens folder.

Te zcoin.conf, come in te the details below but switch the password. Recall if your IP and password is known anyone can access your mining wallet. You can switch the rpcport spil well. Just recall to forward it decently te your router.

Commence the daemon zcoind and wait for it to fully synced. Tips: you could commence the daemon with -checkblocks=1 to skip the verification.

Mining with CPU/GPU miner

After your mining knot is fully synced you could embark the miner and point it to the knot. The guideline line should be very similar to pooled mining, except using your informatie now. For example:

./cpuminer -a lyra2z -o http://YOUR_NODE_IP:RPCPORT -user zcoinrpc -pass zcoinpass

./ccminer -a lyra2z -o http://YOUR_NODE_IP:RPCPORT -user zcoinrpc -pass zcoinpass

./sgminer -a lyra2z -o http://YOUR_NODE_IP:RPCPORT -user zcoinrpc -pass zcoinpass

That’s all. Then wait until you find a block. Recall that at 10GH/s network hashrates, your chance to find a block with 10Mh/s (hashrates of 10-15 good GPUs/CPUs) is pretty low. e.g your 10Mh/s should expect to find 1 block around 7.11 days, assuming that the network hashrate stays the same. Spil a reference, a single Nvidia GTX1080 generates around 1.7 Mh so you most likely need the omschrijving of like 20 GTX1080s (34Mh/s) to get coins every Two days or so.

Guide on How to Mine Zcoin (XZC)

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