Bitcoin hardware

earn bitcoin

Pool hashrate

You can use wallet_address OR wallet_address.worker_name spil username. You can mine directly to an exchange .

EU pool server

@nobody’s nvidia miner v1.1 can be downloaded here

skminer IP PORT NXS_Address[.WORKER_NAME]

Please refer to README.txt for details such spil energy to use(updated ter v1.1)

Significant! If you encounter infinite “timeout loop” please consider updating nvidia drivers

Alpha AMD miner(enhanced by @nobody) can be downloaded here

For usage example refer to resources/config/miner.conf

Significant! Use miner.conf opstopping with empty guideline line!

Botnets will be banned, account payouts disabled, utter cooperation with law enforcement will be provided.

Tips NXS: 2RjG4fk1uy9TGKwQ4zRyXg1qZCoBdUDfuVrmcBN9q4Ey7vUqFaG

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