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BitCoin Mining V2


What is this script ?

This script is a very real-life inspired version of mining BitCoins, permitting players to buy a BitCoin Miner, upgrade their Ram, Chip and Battery then they can turn it on and mine BitCoins that can either be sent to other players via the miner for perhaps a ransom for the mayor or maybe they are being held captive!

Then the BitCoins can be converted into DarkRP money, or you can turn your DarkRP money into BitCoins!


  • Sleek layout on the entity that shows battery percentage, the set BitCoin address, off and on options and a settings button. (see media)
  • Nice GUI, icons and tabs for the settings menukaart (see media)
  • Has a BitCoin to money and money to BitCoin option
  • A funner way to make money, and it adds realism to your server
  • Your own individual BitCoin address e.g. 3XpxKbDDQ9YRVqcNFwwdPnzqSaeGDtotqYJ
  • A tabulator featuring the most latest 14 transactions (shows bitcoin address –>, bitcoin address and the amount of bitcoins) and the total amount of transactions Everzwijn made
  • The capability to switch the miners set BitCoin address (it uploads BitCoins to that address) via the settings option (it spawns with the spawners BitCoin address by default)
  • You can see how many miners are logged into the BlockChain (how many miners are on the ordner)
  • Upgrade buttons that upgrade by one level, downgrade by one level and max upgrades
  • You can switch the cost of the BitCoin Miner, the upgrades, and how many BitCoin miners a player can have
  • A BitCoin wallet system (obviously)
  • Last but not least, it’s a legal way to make money unless your servers rules / te spel laws say otherwise


  • Haul and druppel the folder inwards the one you extracted to your addons folder
  • All entities have bot added to the F4 spijskaart automatically
  • All the icons are added to the download list automatically, they are around 6 KB so don’t worry about naggy players

How to use

  • Buy BitCoin Miner
  • Turn on
  • Upload BitCoins to your wallet / convert money to BitCoins
  • To send BitCoins to other players, go to the profile tabulator

Toegevoegd Credits

  • Banner Vormgeving – Havora


I will attempt my best to react spil quick spil possible (usually 1 – Two hours, sometimes more if I’m busy) and sort your punt out, you can add mij on steam if you want but I choose support tickets if it isn’t a big punt 🙂


Please, whether or not you have bought this script, I will take suggestions EVEN if I don’t reply but I usually will reply

Soon to come (from suggestions or my own thoughts)

  • Possibly a BitCoin Shop entity, permitting shop keepers to sell things with BitCoins! (it won’t be added unless people would like it added)

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