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Bitcoin Mining Tutorial July 2017 (EASIEST METHOD)

Coinbase Listig:

You should mine with a powerful Graphics Card (GPU), and only on desktop computers (Not laptops). You need a bitcoin wallet like Coinbase, and you will need NiceHash. Make sure to benchmark your algorithms to get the most amount of bitcoins.

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I have a gtx 960 and it says I make a dollar a day. Sad

i7 ,nvdia geforce gtx 770 2gb, 8gb ram good enough??

FWIW, leave all the benchmarked algorithms checked, even the ",slow", ones. NiceHash should automatically switch you to the fastest currency, and since some may be slow at benchmark, it may hop up higher than the only one you checked at begin. Essentially, what you did, you’re limiting to just one zuigeling of coin by going all but one unchecked, but leaving all checked gives a lotsbestemming more plasticity so all can be mined, but the highest automatically is chosen by the miner. The fastest pony at the begin isn’t always the very first pony at the finish line…,

You mean I can’t do this on mac?

It will very likely melt

Bhai plz Mera help kijiyega plz hum bahut bara muskil m aagaye h Mera dogecoin exchange ho kar kaha Chala gaya h our humko nahi khojne aaraha h so plz help plz

0.75 usd/day is it rly bad?

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im using jaxx spil my wallet will that affect mining?

dose a Gigabyte 1070 OC work well?

I want to buy effective hardware to begin off my bitcoin mine but I don’t want to spend so much. Electro-stimulation te my apartment is free so power doesn’t matter. Any recommendations?

Awsome clear spil mud. Gotta be pc geek just to get a bitcoin wallet

When i benchmark my gpu its says terminated I have a gtx 1070 intel core i7. I attempted on my gaming laptop that has a gtx970 and intel core i7 and it works just not on my desktop.

Intel® Core™ I5-7400 Trio.0Ghz (Not Overclocked because I’m startled of frying my CPU ,D) , RAM = 8 GB DDR4, VGA MSI GTX 1060.

Is that good for mining?

Sorry if this sound dumb but I’m a total beginner. Can I use a mac running windows? What is the ondergrens configuration of the machine?

When I open NiceHash to benchmark, the only algorithm available is CryptoNight. How did you have all of the other algorithms?

Will the gtx 980 ti be worth it ?

nice vid. but how long does it take to earn 1 bitcoin ter your setup?

isn’t it better to mine bitcoins using servers?

Would it be good if I bit mined with a amd Radeon 64100HD and Four gb of ram

Hey I am not getting the devices can u please help mij with this?

Hi! I wasgoed wondering on if my pc would have the capabilities to run bitcoin, even if it’s shorter runs of mining at a time. My laptop is a dual core Intel Celestine CPU N2840 @ Two.16 GHz laptop. I have read one of your comments that mention that you may not want to use a laptop, but I would just like to know if maybe dual coring on a laptop would make any exception at all. If you need any more informatie on my laptop, please ask! Thanks!

Hi Techlore and everyone here, I just embarked mining Bitcoins recently at Embark Miner here and would like to begin to upgrade to V1.Two Membership to earn more a day. Can anyone help donate to mij 0.08 BTCs so I can make the upgrade ? Mail mij and I will send you my Bitcoin Wallet address for the transfer. My email is

Just nosey, what’s the worst I could do to my GPU? (GTX 1060 6GB) Also, I’m indeed considering this so I can buy my friend a gaming PC ter the near future. Good movie BTW. Very informative. 🙂

Why do not you use the wallet of nicehash? Is it better to use another wallet?

Fine. How many algorith I can mine same time?

Can you do this on a Linux OS or does it have to be Windows?

i only had one option te benchmark and it wasgoed only Ten cents a day

I5 4200 and GeForce 740M 4GB ram, is it good?

so witch one should I use,the or the original bitcoin webpagina ?

I’m kindda confuse with it

Where do I join mining pool? I don’t see te the tutor te this movie.

AMD FX-4300 Three.8GHz CPU and AMD R7 250 2GB? good for mining ?

D my system is 84 it says its compatable with 64 watten do i do help

Does Gigabyte GTX 970 work for mining? It seems to be lagging my machine!

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