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Omzichtig System Retirement 1 November 2016


  • January Nineteen, 2017: The Final voorzichtig has bot broadcast. This final voorzichtig essentially disables the voorzichtig system by overriding all alerts, preventing other alerts from being broadcast, and displays the static message “Alert Key Compromised”. The Oplettend Key will be published ter the coming months.
  • March 8, 2017: Bitcoin Core 0.14 released with hard-coded final waakzaam.
  • May 1, 2017: Postpone release date of Waaks key. Older clients may contain Oplettend treating code which is exploitable using the attent key, therefore the public release of the key has bot temporarily postponed until considered safe.


The network broad Waakzaam system is being retired. No Bitcoins are at risk and this warning may be securely disregarded. Upgrade to the newest version of your wallet software to no longer see the waaks.

Reasons for Retirement

The network broad Oplettend system wasgoed created by Satoshi Nakamoto spil a means of informing Bitcoin users of any significant information regarding Bitcoin. It has bot used te the past to inform users about significant network events such spil accidental blockchain forks. However, the Voorzichtig system also represents a large source of centralization ter Bitcoin. The holders of the singular Bedachtzaam Key can at any time send an omzichtig which could affect the entire network. Spil more developers join, the Attent Key is given to others, but cannot be taken away from those who have left. This has led to the Waaks Key potentially falling into the forearms of malicious actors who could use it to disrupt the network. Because there is only one Waakzaam key, it is not possible to prevent former developers from sending an omzichtig strafgevangenis is it possible to identify who sent an Oplettend.

Te addition, the Oplettend system is primarily Bitcoin Core specific. Many other wallets have their own systems ter place but still voorwaarde have treating for the Bedachtzaam system because it is network broad. Something specific for one software should not be imposed on the entire network.

The Waakzaam system has also lost its usefulness. It is no longer necessary to use it to inform users about problematic network events spil users can lightly get their information from any major Bitcoin news outlet.

The Retirement Project

Retirement of the Attent system consists of a pre-final oplettend (this waakzaam) which will warn about the emerging retirement, a final maximum sequence attent which cannot be overridden and displays a static “Alert Key Compromised” message, and the publishing of the Bedachtzaam key itself. The final attent will be hard coded into Bitcoin Core 0.14 to ensure that all old knots receive the final omzichtig.

Software without the Omzichtig system

Most major Bitcoin wallets have already liquidated the waaks system te the most latest releases. The software listed below are assured to have liquidated/disabled the Voorzichtig system or permit you to disable it.

  • Bitcoin Core 0.12.1+
  • Bitcoin Core 0.Ten.Three, 0.11.x, and 0.12.x can disable alerts with -alerts=0
  • Armory 0.94.1+

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