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What’,s a Block Explorer. What you Need to Know about Blockchain.informatie API


  • Forwards can take a bit of time (reports of up to 33 confirmations te some cases.)
  • Sometimes, the internet can be too harsh and thus tarnish company reputation. This likely happens based on Mob Mentality –, zekering accepting and commence questioning…,everything (even this :p)

The ondergrens amount receive payments api requires is .0005 BTC, so once this ondergrens is met, the transaction will forward to your address.

The Touch:

Last night I spent a half hour or so integrating the Blockchain.informatie Receice Payments API service. For those of you who got this far ter the article (good job by the way), Blockchain.informatie is the worlds most recognized Bitcoin Block Exlorer. What’,s a block explorer? =>, Bitcoin is a peer Two peer network –, Just like how there’,s a protocol with filesharing for using Magnet Linksom to distribute files across the internet, for viewing and exploring the transactions te Bitcoin Network?: There’,s an ‘,app’, for that too! Block Explorers aren’,t fresh, There’,s Abe, bitcore, Insight, and others. Te fact, what’,s nice about many of them is that you can Git-Clone a copy and fire up your own copy. So why do Block Explorers matter? Ask yourself, how do you verify your BTC payment ‘,actually’, went to the recipient? Sure, your wallet sees the funds you sent, but how do you, Satoshi Nakamoto, confirm that the transaction indeed wasgoed sent? Well without going through the mess of publishing your own blockExplorer on top of a total knot (totally possible by the way), you can simply use an existing block-explorer to see the transactions happening ter the network spil well spil any past transaction that occurred. For example, with less than one minute of effort, I can even see the very first time I everzwijn spent Bitcoin: here. (that’,s very likely a trick listig –, spil you can see it shows up my address at the time wasgoed shuffling funds to itself.)

Now that the basics are out of the way, I’,ll get into why I wrote the sensationalist title above: I’,ve seen that overheen the past few years, Blockchain.informatie seems to get a bad wrap from different sources. Taking an objective treatment, I go to the very first lazy source I can find: wikipedia. They came online around 2011. A click into a reference verbinding deeper, and wij learn that blockchain is actually a project operated under direction of the company Qkos Services Ltd (interestingly it says they’,re dissolved. Terugkoppeling from Ben Reeves or Nic Carey ter the comments would be greatly appreciated!). According to Bloomberg Business, their phone number is: 44 Nineteen 0467 5792. So, anyway, I’,m here today because I would like to use their api. This API permits anyone to setup a bitcoin forwarding service –, ter plain terms, many users may not want to share a single bitcoin address to the world.

See how this address is here? If you’,ve got a phone, you could scan it for sure! If I desired, I could program the address here within whatever I wished. However, the problem with this address is that you now see how much money I’,ve collected. While I personally don’,t care if you know how much is ter this address here or there, having skill of ALL my past transactions is a bit similar to feeling naked –, why should I be subjected to the entire world prying its eyes on my activities and who talent mij money, when they did it? Come in –, Receive payments API.

This API is fine because it does not require you to have wallet or account with blockchain.informatie at all –, With a puny snippet of code, any content creator can dynamically generate a fresh payment address at will –, With the snippet below, you can create a custom-built web pagina that will gereate a fresh address for payment on refresh. Yet, once money is paid towards it, the BTC is automatically forwarded to my specified address!

After throwing together a proof of concept –, accomplish with a dynamic QR code generation mechanism I moved forward to send off a test transaction, the ondergrens amount I could fathom = Two cents aka 0.00008292 BTC. So far so good, Mycelium even recognized it so I presume that the listig itself is also te the keurig format and send it. Then I wait. and wait some more. After Four hours and 36 confirmations I determine to embark looking around a bit more to see what informatie I could dig up. I also start to feel worried about the concerns brought forward above, until I find this little gem of a postbode from Bitcointalk back ter 2013 about the precies similar issues –, turns out I had not sent te the ondergrens amount required for the forwarding service to function –, .0005 BTC or 24 cents spil of this writing.

So, ter closing, recall that no matter how far awesome technology comes, no matter how sophisticated our equipment can be, RTFM is still and shall forever remain Rule Numero Uno.

Postbode Author: Frankenmint

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