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Centra (Ctr)

ICO Review — Centra (Ctr) — Multi-Blockchain Debit Card Or Crimson Flags


  • Symbol: CTR
  • Total Coin Supply: 100000000
  • ICO Status: Ongoing
  • Crowdsale opening date: 19–09–2017
  • Crowdsale closing date: 05–10–2017


Centra Tech has designed a multi-blockchain debit card that connects to a wise wallet that is safe, secure, and more importantly insured. Centra presently supports 8+ major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 Tokens, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, &, Monero with more to come. Centra team designed a podium to create a global account solution for anyone who lack banking resources.

Centra Tech is also launching a verhoging called Coin Bay ( which will be the world’s very first Amazon style store that is designed to be cryptocurrency acceptable.


Centra is available te the United States and all overheen the world. Our current partnerships with Visa, MasterCard, and Banks gives us the capability to punt cards worldwide ter our supported 100+ countries.Centra Tech’s Blockchain based cryptocurrency marketplace has five Core Products

Centra Clever Wallet

The Centra Wallet App makes it effortless for people to register for the Centra Debit Card, store their cryptocurrency assets, spil well spil control its functions, such spil turning on or off the card without the usual hassle involved with contacting the issuing banks, etc.

Users will be able to send money te Five+ currencies to overheen 100+ countries without being charged fees. The end user practice is enhanced by eliminating the costs associated with inter handelsbank exchange rate fluctuations and excessive fees. All assets stored on Centra Wallets are safe, secure and insured from thefts and hackers.

Centra Card

The Centra Card is will be available worldwide. During our initial coin suggesting they are making two limited edition cards available. To the very first 300 contributors of 100+ ETH they will receive an all Metal EMV Centra Black Card. This card has enhanced benefits, boundaries, and programs. Their 2nd tier level will get limited edition Centra Gold card which will be available to the very first 500 contributors of 30+ ETH. This card also has an enhanced prizes/thresholds program.

Their signature card which is the Centra Blue Card will be available to all users. The Centra Blue card can be ordered right through the Centra Wallet app or issued spil a Virtual Card.

This is the world’s very first large Cryptoc urrency Marketplace

Ctr Token

Erc20 Tokens That Have Benefits And Prizes That Can Be Utilized On Centra Card And Cbay

CCE Module Outline

A software module of our core podium that helps ter real-time exchange rate synchronization Centra Card creates a genuine bridge inbetween the world and cryptocurrencies by making it effortless for cardholders to spend their cryptocurrencies te all local currency transactions, and with the CCE (Currency Conversion Engine) Module, converting Blockchain assets to market-value fiat with a near-perfect exchange rate becomes effortless for users.

Using Centra Tech’s mobile app, customers will have the capacity to transfer money te overheen eight major cryptocurrencies to overheen a hundred currencies around the world, yet not have to any charges for such transactions.


  • There have Scam allegations where the pictures and the social profiles of CEO, COO and even the CFO seems doctored without substantial ground.(Source:
  • Even Cliff High te his tweet had earlier warned against the team and their ICO
  • Ter their white paper, Merchant is charged 3%, how CENTRA gives to his card holders 3% prizes te Centra tokens and .8% to token holders? So ter total Three.8% but the merchant is only charged 3%, money doesn’t emerge out of this air. Also there is some times that the merchant is charged 1.5%, how they can give all thesis prizes and dividends?
  • Even during pre-sale period their CTR tokens were listed ter Etherdelta. Which seemed to be a big manipulation of CTR overheen last duo of hours, massive amounts of ETH made by the manipulator account number 0xfE10b208859Fe7c62edB1c3bC3b6e0367864B6da an account that holds nothing but massive amounts of CTR.
  • Ultimately when few days back users went to their webstek it said the token sale wasgoed going on, spil te, already commenced. When users messaged them asking why they can’t access the pagina where to contribute, and they said “sorry this wasgoed a mistake, wij had sold some pre-sale due to miscommunication, the sale is not open anymore and wasgoed only open for a brief time ter error” which seems very fishy.


  • They also have bot accused of Dodgy advertising, Almost every tweet on their treat wasgoed being retweeted hundreds of times, typical activity of botting, there were Whitepaper inconsistencies spil well.
  • Source:

  • An interesting point ter their risk disclosure is “it is possible that such development may fail and purchasers’ CTR Tokens could become futile and/or valueless due to technical, commercial, or regulatory challenges, among other reasons”
  • The usage of CTR token is feeble and is only used spil a prize program which raises question spil to why even run an ICO when this is merely an asset and is only for prizes and whitepaper is not clear spil to how CTR tokens will be used.
  • From this listig the cards that Centra is issuing were originally issued ter 2005 and also there is a steep price to buy a bunch of pre-paid cards.
  • Earlier Responses To The Above Issues

    This will be our only response to thesis trollers whom still doubt the project

    1. Wij have NUMEROUSLY stated that the webstek wasgoed built by freelancers whom used stock photos from the internet and have rectified the matter when wij OURSELVES begun engaging ter online activity spil the product is our very first and most significant aim
    2. Wij ter NO way condone the activity that wasgoed occuring on Etherdelta, that is why wij very recommend no one using it. Yes wij did request for it, but after finding out the book can be skipped without following an order wij requested it to be eliminated.
    3. Wij requested CMC eliminate our listing spil well, the most they said they could do is liquidate circulating supply till end of the ICO, wij didn’t want to come up incorrect te charts.
    4. For you guys to still think its a scam Two months straks is ludicrous, wij have made worldwide attempts to get Centra Card &, Wallet global. I don’t know how many more movies it will take but hopefully eventually you’ll just consider us another asset on the list. Plus cards are shipping te Two weeks (also 1 week before Public ICO). What will be the case then?
    5. Yes it is up to us spil a service to disqualify individuals whom don’t participate ter the networks and ecosystems health from using the Centra Card. That is our choice spil a company for the better of all ter the network.
    6. The staff movie wasgoed not taken down, however unlisted with a private listig to people whom want to see it. The movie wasgoed made ter non HD (for our hello from team members, just to prove the naysayers wrong), wij have speelfilm being done ter our Miami headquarters for our Movie vLogs with scene 1 airing soon
    7. ANYONE that is thinking that this is a scam can voeling us directly for clarification and visit us at our offices Monday through Friday 9am-6pm
    • Sam Sharma: Voorzitter, Co-Founder.
    • Michael Edwards: VP, Co-Founder
    • Steven Sykes: CTO
    • Raymond Trapani: COO
    • Jessica Robinson: CFO
    • Robert Farkas: CMO
    • Martin Pejkov: Marketing Director
    • Andrey Nechesov: Blockchain Director
    • Filip Burcevski: Technology Director
    • Steve Stanley: PR Director


    • March 2017: Beta Launch of Centra, Black Card and Centra, Wallet App Live
    • October 2017: Launch of CTR Tokens te Major Exchanges
    • November 2017 cBay Launch
    • 1st Quarter 2018: Work on partnerships with other major &, minor exchanges
    • 4th Quarter 2018 Growing Part-nership Agreements, Ethereum Alliance Pledge and Market Expansion

    Token Sale

    Centra ICO began on August Five, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 68% of the total token supply, so there is a total of 68000000 tokens available for 0.0025 ETH each, at the suggesting. The ICO is expected to end on October Ten, 2017.

    During Centra ICO there will be a 48 hour period where users will get a 20% premie, followed by a 10% Verzekeringspremie on days 3–7, and ultimately, a 5% verzekeringspremie on days 8–14.

    Key Aspects

    • ICO Token Supply: 100000000
    • Token Percentage For Investors: 68%
    • Token Reserve Split : 15% Team 17% Advisors
    • Payment Method: ETH
    • Funds Raised Till Now: 2632.470 BTC, 31,299.004 LTC, Ten,365.220 ETH,
    • Funds Raised USD (Approx): 15.Trio Million USD


    Centra Tech has bot synonymous with inconsistencies and controversies but ultimately today when all wasgoed going to lodge down and they were lodging down when today they faced a major DDOS attack and their webpagina wasgoed Hacked, while the founder wasgoed actively engagaed with the investors but still they entire ICO seemed a shoddy affair and a very badly managed initiative and personally after hearing so many crimson flags I would rather be very careful ter investing te the project. Somehow form mij Ethereum based ICOs have become a honey pot for Hackers and scammers and it remains to be seen how the technology and the community catches up to fix the yam-sized gaping slots ter the current uncertain ICO script.


    I engaged with centra token, I also suggested to waterput their side of view but they desired total take down for 10-100 ETH, that is serious kwestie of integrity ….. yes marketing is significant but then there will be detractors .. it doesn’t mean that you give 100 ETH of investors money to shut some one when I wasgoed not even doing FUD i wasgoed just putting the posts that wasgoed already ter the open and putting my opinion on it …. that is why i feel … while marketing perception is significant if a founder has issues he should react on top of my postbode not ask mij take it down for 100 eth privately …. it could have taken it down if the founder would have considered explaining his side of the story he did not he straight away hopped to suggesting mij bribe hence my postbode .. Now this postbode will act spil a place to which I am sure the Centra founders and team can react to thanks.


    Disclaimer: This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research.

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